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The Foundation
The creation of the Foundation began as a dream of the district's administration and Board of Trustees. Extensive research was conducted regarding education foundations during the 2003-2004 school year. Based upon the research, Superintendent Dr. Julie Carbajal recommended to the Board of Trustees that an education foundation be organized. Furthermore, she asked the Board to approve a resolution supporting the creation of an education foundation as an avenue for additional funding to the Flour Bluff ISD to further enhance educational opportunities. The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the resolution in the spring of 2004.

A group of community volunteers, committed and dedicated to education, met in June 2004 with Superintendent Julie Carbajal to hear her vision for the district, the funding priorities, and how a foundation could assist in further enhancing educational opportunities. There was consensus among the group, and the preliminary steps of organizing a non-profit organization began. In January 2005, the Letter of Determination was received from the Internal Revenue Service.

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The Flour Bluff ISD Foundation for Educational Excellence, Inc. is a new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has been organized exclusively for educational purposes to provide supplemental funds for educational and scientific programs or activities for the Flour Bluff Independent School District. Specifically, the Flour Bluff ISD Foundation for Educational Excellence will generate and distribute funds to support programs and initiatives that will further enhance the quality of life and learning for the students of the Flour Bluff ISD community.

In 1892, the Flour Bluff Consolidated School District was formed. At present the district serves 156 square miles, 100 of which is water. The Flour Bluff Independent School District was organized in 1937 and is recognized as the "Home of the World's Greatest Kids" for many reasons. Among these are the district's high expectations of students, parental involvement, and the opportunity for students to receive an outstanding education.

State Funding for public education has changed dramatically for the past twenty years and has left school districts without sufficient funds to meet the increasing demands of educating our youth. Today, the State provides approximately 28% of the cost of funding public schools statewide in comparison to 80% twenty years ago. The local tax rate in Flour Bluff Independent School District provides 62.1% of the District's revenue; only 27.7% comes from the State and 10.2% comes from the Federal government. The current tax rate is $1.48410 plus .042097 (bond passed in 1997) per $100 of assessed value; total is $1.526197. This places the district near the cap for maintenance and operations.

Demands on the budget do not allow for additional funds for program enrichment and special initiatives. The Flour Bluff ISD Foundation for Educational Excellence will work to provide the resources students need now and in the future. In addition, the Foundation will offer the opportunity to:

  • Attract funds from donors who will only donate to a 501(c)(3) organization;
  • Raise financial support to supplement, not supplant, existing school revenues;
  • Expand community and financial support of education in Flour Bluff ISD;
  • Enhance relations between the community, school board, and staff with everyone working toward a common goal; and
  • Create a perpetual source of funds for education.
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Population Served
The Flour Bluff community is located on the Gulf of Mexico in South Texas and includes the southeastern portion of the City of Corpus Christi. The community's economy is based on military, import/exports, oil and gas production, real estate development, and tourism. The community has approximately forty miles of beaches which include eight miles of beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Approximately one half of Corpus Christi Bay is encompassed by the district. The area has become a very popular summer resort and includes several major resort facilities.
The ethnicity of the area is approximately 62% white, 27% Hispanic, 6% African American, and 46% economically disadvantaged. The Flour Bluff Independent School District serves approximately 5000 students and is considered a 4A District.

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Accomplishments of Flour Bluff ISD Students
Students have made numerous accomplishments in the past. A few of these are as follows:
  • NJROTC 19th Consecutive Texas State Champions
  • NJROTC All Service Grand Champions
  • Decathlon Team Regional & Super Quiz Champions
  • Octathlon Regional Champions
  • TMSCA State Champions
  • UIL Math State Champions
  • UIL Regional Champions in Number Sense, Science & Current Events
  • UIL Sweepstakes & Academic Champions
  • Robotics, VICA, DECA, BPA & VASE State Champions
  • National Merit & Commended Scholars
  • AP Scholars with Distinction & Honor
  • National Achievement Scholars
  • Corpus Christi Caller Times Distinguished Scholars
  • JH Mathcounts Champions
  • Pentathlon Regional Champions
  • All State Band & Choir Gold Medalist
  • Whataburger Hometown Hero’s Sportsmanship Award
  • Football District Champions & Regional Championship
  • Volleyball District Champions & Regional Semi-finalist
  • Tennis District Champions & Regional Qualifiers
  • Golf District Champions
  • Swimming & Diving District & State Champions
  • Girls Basketball Regional Semi-finalist
  • Track & Field & Cross Country Regional and State Qualifiers
  • District Basketball Coach of the Year
  • Regional Swim Coach of the Year
  • District Volleyball Coach of the Year
  • Regional Secondary Teacher of the Year
  • HEB Excellence in Education Rising Star Teacher of Year
  • HEB Excellence in Education District Finalist
  • Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year
  • TSPRA District Publications Gold Medalist
  • Expansion Management Magazine - Blue Ribbon School
  • Schools FIRST (Financial Accountability Rating System)
  • Commendation by State Board of Education
  • ESC2 Regional Teacher of the Year; State Finalist

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The Flour Bluff ISD Foundation for Educational Excellence, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, was organized under the laws of the State of Texas and the guidelines of the Internal Revenue. The Board of Directors consists of nine (9) voting members and two (2) non-voting ex-officio members. Voting members include representatives of the business community and parents. The superintendent of schools and president of the Flour Bluff ISD Board of Trustees are non-voting ex-officio members of the Foundation Board. According to the Foundation's Bylaws, no employee of the Flour Bluff ISD or member of the Flour Bluff ISD Board of Trustees may be a voting member of the Board. In addition to the Bylaws, the Foundation operates with detailed policies and procedures.

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The Flour Bluff I.S.D. Foundation for Educational Excellence is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization
a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization